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hand painted shoes

Custom Painting Design Studio

#UB106 Custom Painted Ugg Boots with Cross in Leopard or Zebra Design

Custom painted leopard or zebra cross on authentic UGG boots

You choose the style and color, and I will paint them for you. 

3 styles of UGG boots one with purple zebra crosses, one with pink zebra crosses and one with gold leopard crosses outlined with crystals

leopard painted cross on ugg boots with crystals

purple zebra print painted on cross on an ugg boot

pink zebra painted cross on an ugg boot

There are a few different ways that these are painted. Should you want anything changed please just contact me,

I am easy to work with. 

UGG boots

#DPG004 American Bulldog Painted Wine Glass

Hand Painted Custom American Bulldog or any breed of dog, painted from your favorite picture of your pet on your favorite style of glass. 

glasses available

#1 Hand Painted Black Converse High Tops Rainbow Phoenix

rainbow phoenix converse

Custom Painted Rainbow Phoenix Bird Black High Top Converse Sneakers for

Men or Women.



#GS101 Dead Head inspired Guitar Strap

Custom painted guitar straps for the musician in your life, or to personalize your stage presence.

Message me if you would like a custom designed strap to rep your brand, your name, or if you are a deadhead and would like a design similar to the one pictured here, just purchase this listing. 

 All my designs are one of a kind as they are all painted to order by myself, so there will be differences in your item than the items pictured. 

psychedelic guitar strap

top back half of strap

#OA002 Fuchsia Fauna Unicorn 12x12" Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Fuchsia Fauna Unicorn

12x12" square stretched canvas. 

fuchsia unicorn and blue floral acrylic painting

Beautiful jewel tones in this original painting by Adrienne Williamson.

Gorgeous flowers, peace signs in shades of pinks, purples, and blues. 

#Stick 001 Unicornucopia Sticker 5x3inches

Waterproof vinyl sticker of Adrienne's original artwork titled "Unicornucopia". Measures 5x3" perfect for laptops, tumblers, notebooks or where ever you like!

rainbow unicorn sticker

#UB110 Ugg Boots painted with School Mascot design.

Custom painted UGG boots hand painted with a school Mascot

Black ugg boots with a school mascot painted on them complete with crystals

I wanted to offer UGGS with your favorite school mascot on them, I have done a couple and can email you pictures of the others for licensing reasons. 

You get to choose color of the boot as well as the mascot and personalization if you would like.

I also offer painted uggs in two different options, if you have the boots, or like a different boot than what I offer, you can send them to me to paint, or I will order the boots for you, either way is good with me. 

black tall uggs with a school mascot on them and personalization

UGG boots

#GS102 Southern Rock Guitar Strap

Custom painted guitar strap in a southern rock kind of style. 

southern rock style guitar strap

Sunflower sunset, clouds, bluebonnets, golden filigree, yellow and red roses, and more fill up the design of this hand painted guitar strap for your southern rocker. 

Custom designs are also available. Just shoot me a message!

southern rock design

southern rock guitar strap design

All of my items now come with a certificate of authenticity!

#UB102 Custom Painted Peace, Love and Paisley UGG Boots

Custom Painted Black Uggs with

A Peace, Love, and Paisley Design.

Custom painted black ugg boots with a floral, peace sign and paisley design

This was my first design in a series of this style of painting on the UGGS. I also have done them with words like, Peace, Kind, Love and then another design with a leopard print. I am picturing all three of the designs and will give you an option to choose one or come up with an idea of your own. 

peace love and paisley painted ugg boots in black with colorful design


peace love and kindness painted on these ugg boots with lots of color in florals, paisley and peace signs

Design with wording and a little bit of color changes.

floral paisley and leopard design painted on ugg boots 



#OA001 Unicornucopia 36"x24" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas


36x24" acrylic painting on canvas

unicorn floral acrylic painting on canvas 36x24 inches

An original painting by Adrienne Williamson of a colorful Unicorn and flowers, peace signs, stars, hearts in a rainbow of colors.

Of course, the watermark will not be a part of the original work. The painting is signed by the artist. 

This painting was inspired by my original hand painted roller skate design.


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